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The developer of the Pro Maestro software is the Akribis Soft Ltd., while its distributor is the Zenith-MC Ltd.

My name is Gyrgy Vrnai, I am the managing director of Zenith-MC Ltd. I spent a good number of years in leading positions in the business sector, and one of my valuable experiences is that in order to successfully manage an organization, it is of primary importance to establish and sustain the controllability and transparency of business processes.

During my 10-plus years of IT career I managed the development and operation of complex information systems, established and managed projects. This period provided me with a lot of insight and information regarding the requirements in order to successfully manage a multi-party development or project, the information needed to safeguard a project, to support a development or a project with effective communication, and the information needed to bolster the motivation of colleagues delegated to the project. Based on our streamlined and viable solutions we developed softwares which have continuously been refined based on customer feedback.


Zenith-MC Ltd.
H-1031 Budapest Kazal utca 22

Akribis Soft Ltd was founded in September 2001 by four IT experts, each of whom had already possessed 5-8 years of experience in software development and training. They have all been working on the same field since the foundation of the company.

We are very proud to have had the chance as employees of a previous firm to take part in developing the DataScope data mining and visualization system, which elicited profound professional recognition. Twice it was a finalist for Comdex, and once it won, being rewarded with The European Information Technology Prize. Out firm has worked in multiple fields: it developed multimedia and management administration systems, web based applications, an umbrella portal for municipalities, but also participated in developing DRM (Digital Rights Management) solutions.

These different systems require diverse forms of implementation. We have experience working in C/C++, Java, C#, Python, and Microsoft Access (MS Visual Basic), and developed programs not only for Microsoft Windows applications, but also for Linux operating systems.

In addition to strictly defined software development we also undertake operation and support activities, but surveying needs and related system development is not unknown for us either.


Akribis Soft Ltd.
H-6726 Szeged, Bal fasor 4. II/16.

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