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Executive summary

The Pro Maestro project management software takes care of the usual components of projects: it handles tasks, subordinated tasks, deadlines, resources, documents etc. The project manager is based on proven techniques, but since these techniques also apply to other fields, the Pro Maestro can also be used to manage more complex issues, tasks, developments and processes. Essentially the type of activity managed with the project manager application does not matter. On top of the utilities generally expected of project manager softwares, the Pro Maestro has a number of valuable attributes, detailed under Highlighted features.

The Pro Maestro project management software specifically supports team work. It breaks with the practice of isolated project management where the project manager is burdened with administering events, pressuring project members, ensuring the continuity of the project, preparing reports etc. The Pro Maestro is a multi actor project manager, where all the people assigned to the project are logged into the system, they administer their completed tasks themselves, the next step is automatically attached to a fulfilled task by the system, notifying the person responsible for the follow-up step. Struggling with reporting details is over, it is replaced by queries launched with a simple key stroke.

The Pro Maestro project manager is a real time system, that can be used by project members and leaders simultaneously, therefore the system practically always shows the actual status of the project. This also holds for projects which are geographically decentralized, as the system can be reached and logged into from anywhere.

Use of the system results in significant improvements of efficiency even in case of companies with 5-10 employees, but it is also capable of managing projects with several hundred participants, where the prime requirement is not any more efficiency, but transparency and the ability to control the project.

The project manager operates with standard tasks and standard documents. A specific task or document is standardized if it has to be completed or prepared similarly in one project as in another. Standard tasks adapt to the profile and technology of the managed project, while standard documents are more company specific. Their application is far-reaching since they ensure constant quality of high level. In addition, really creative project managers also have the option to set up projects independent of any standards.

Multiple organizations can be involved in the implementation of projects. These can all belong to one company, or to multiple companies, and their role in each project can be set separately. If needed, a procedure of permitting can also be set within any organization.

The Pro Maestro handles the signatures of leaders, responsible persons, employees electronically, and it logs by whom, when and what type of event was permitted, what kind of document was signed or rejected, and what justification was used.

When Pro Maestro is installed, it can be (has to be) tailored to the needs of the client. During this process the above described parameters are set, including data, definitions, relations. Setting parameters is of key importance from multiple angles. This allows the setting of small vs. large company specifications, defining standard documents and tasks, signatories, approvers etc.

Introducing a new software in an organization always poses the question: should we adjust the organization to the software, or tailor the software to the organization. In the former case the risk of failure is high. In the latter case substantial additional costs may be required, with an increased chance for non-rational, non-optimal processes to survive, based on the perspective that we should align to organizational tradition.

The incredibly flexible options to set parameters within Pro Maestro assist to find the delicate balance between a successful implementation, low additional costs (if any), and retaining already proven processes which reflect best practices.

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