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A Budapesti M?szaki Egyetem Tvkzlsi s Mdiainformatikai Tanszkn teleptsre kerlt a Pro Maestro projektkezel? szoftver, amelyet a hallgatk is hasznlhatnak. (2012. november 27)

This news is Hungary related only!

Registration deadline change! To take part in draw of "Pro Maestro" You should register till 29.02.2012. 7 (February 2012)

This news is Hungary related only!

Thank you for the votes on Pro Maestro!

The sweepstakes with the option to vote for the Pro Maestro project manager finished on 8 December 2011. Our product received 514 votes, but this result has not yet been confirmed by the organizers. (12 dec 2011)

This news is Hungary related only!

The Pro Maestro participates within the national Medwe campaign sweepstakes! Vote for us! The Game starts on 24 October, details are available on the page. (18 October 2011)

Development of the Pro Maestro software has been completed on time, the product is now commercially available. (31 May 2011)

On 7 April 2011 we introduced the Pro Maestro product on the 14th Project management forum at the Thermal hotel in Margitsziget, Budapest. (7 April 2011)

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The webpage of the Product is ready. It will be completed in June. The address is (4 April 2011)

With the contribution of leading marketing and art consultants Akbribis Ltd and Zenith-MC Ltd decided over the final name of the software and selected its logo. The name of the product is Pro Maestro Project management software. (24 March 2011 )

At the 24 February Cluster Committee meeting of the Software Innovation Pole Cluster ( Zenith-MC Kft. presented the Project Master project management software, the successor of the Development Manager software. The market debut of the Project Master is expected during quarter 2 of 2011. Click here to view the demo videos. Key attributes of the software are available here. (25 February 2011 )

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